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Blog Post Inspiration For Your Business

Blog posts are really important for your business. If you haven't had a chance to read my last article- head over here to see why a blog post is important. Want a blog for your business but don't know what to write about? This article explores some options.

A blog post should engage, entertain or inform.

Blog posts should follow a purpose. This purpose could be to engage your audience, to entertain your audience or to inform them about something. When you put this into business terms; engaging your audience helps to build trust between clients and your business. The interaction between clients and businesses is extremely important, the more engaged a customer is, the more likely they are to consider you for their purchasing or service needs.

If you entertain your customer base, they are more likely to leave your business website feeling positive and happy. This will create a positive feeling related to your business so that the customers or clients are more likely to return to your business or even recommend it. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to organic business marketing.

The most important blog posts are the informative ones. These ones are providing your customer or client with invaluable information that can help assist them with their lives. By giving your clients or customers information for free, you are representing your business in a positive way. It shows your audience that you are helpful, kind and this in turn will help to build further trust levels.

Blog Posts Needs To Match Your Brand

There is only one rule when it comes to creating great content; ensure it matches your brand's tone. It would be no good to write a blog post in a chatty, humorous style if the rest of your brand's marketing and social media is serious and formal. You need to continue your brand flow and characteristics across the board, so ensure your brand's tone of voice comes across in your post.

Choosing A Topic To Write About

It may seem challenging to choose a topic to write about. Think about what you discuss regularly with clients, or when you're out networking. Any of this can be turned into a blog post. The best tool to use to begin brainstorming is a content calendar. Look at the year, think about your marketing goals of the year and then see where your blog posts can fall into that. Will you be struggling for sales in January/ February? Write about something really helpful and motivational so that it can boost your clients into taking action.

Will you have sales on or special deals throughout the year? Perhaps you want to use the festive period to create a special Christmas themed post?

If you are an online shop, you could write gift guides, review products, or write something off topic- like 20 fun things to do this summer. You can use these off topic posts to drop subtle links to your products or services.

If you are a b2b business, brainstorm topics that you would like to discuss with your client. Don't give too much information away in your posts- you want people to still come to you after all! But giving away a little makes a lot of difference.

What I Can Do For You

Are you after a blog post but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you don't have the time to write one yourself? Then I can help you. I specialise in blog posts and I can write a blog post that is SEO friendly, engaging, entertaining and informative. We can discuss your business, your audience, your brand characteristics and tone of voice. Then, I can come up with a handful of ideas for a blog post, and you can choose which one you'd like written. I can then create the first draft and as a bonus, I offer unlimited revisions.

What are you waiting for? It's time to inspire and entertain your clients and customers!

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