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Content 101- For Those That Want To Share Content But Don't Know Where To Start

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to provide their audience with entertaining, informative and rich content but have no idea where to start? Then look no further. This blog will guide you through Content 101- perfect for those that want to share content with their audience but don't have a clue where to begin.

Who is your audience?

The first step to producing any content is to think about who your audience is. What do they like doing in their spare time? What websites do they visit? What TV do they watch? Do they read books, magazines or news? What are their pain points? What are their interests?

Once you start to brainstorm your ideal customer's persona, and really think about what your customers wants, what their needs and likes are, you will be well on your way to figuring out what content would engage and persuade then.

For example, the target audience for Tik Tok would enjoy watching funny videos online. You would probably find them hanging out on YouTube and Instagram. You would entice them in by providing content which is funny, modern and enticing. Whereas the audience for a new networking event would most likely to be hanging out online on LinkedIn or searching through EventBrite for upcoming events which can help to expand their business and network.

Brainstorm pain points and try to answer them

Think of what your audience's pain points are. Are you a bookkeeper who's target audience won't have the time to do their monthly books? How can you use this to your advantage? By publishing posts that promote them delegating tasks so that they can focus on what they do best, or having more relaxation. This can be done quite boldly, or more subtly.

Do you have a wealth of information that can help your audience? Brainstorm what benefits your services, or products have for your audience and how it can help them solve a problem.

What sources will you use?

You should always make sure that your information comes from respectable and reliable sources. Check that any links you share comes from a reliable source and try to avoid sharing pages which are inundated with advertisements and a lack of actual content.

If you find something useful on social media, you can always save or bookmark it to use at a later date.

Have you looked at special dates on the calendar? There are websites you can use to find National days or International days. This is particularly useful if you find ones that may tie in with your brand or business sector. For example, if you work in ante-natal services, you may want to take note and produce content for 'Doula week', or miscarriage awareness week.

Share what's relevant

Think about the time of year you are sharing content. This may seem obvious but Christmas posts are not relevant in the Summer- but think a little deeper than this. If you are posting about a topic which may be a bit of a sore one currently, then perhaps hold off.

You could also take notice of what's currently trending on social media and try to adapt to that. For example, at the time of me writing this blog The Tiger King on Netflix is hugely popular, and I have seen so much content about it on social media.

Focus on giving your audience what they want to see

You may want to delve into the theories behind your business and the historical background, but does your audience want to read about this? In some cases- this is perfect. For example, National Trust audiences WILL want to read about the history of the places they are visiting, but if you have a certain interest in a subject and know the ins and outs in depth, it doesn't necessarily mean your audience will want to hear all about it now. Or if they do, that they need such an in-depth look at it.

Think about what your audience wants to see. You can test the waters a bit here then use analytics tools to have a look at what was most engaged with and looked at. Then you know exactly what your audience are enjoying seeing and can post more of that.

Multimedia and cross platform content

You can post on a variety of platforms and interlink them as well as using different tools online. For example, Canva is a great way of getting nifty little graphics for your social media. It is easy to use and can be quite fun to do in your spare time too.

You can also write blogs on your website and then share your posts onto social media. Videos are also a great option for adding unique content- and can easily be shared on social media or embedded into your blogs.

Often people ask what content is preferred- videos are watched more these days, however the truth is a mixture of content is best! This stops your audience from getting bored and keeps them interested.

Give them something useful, but not too much

I would always say show your brands authenticity through your content. Showcase your expertise, or your fabulous products. BUT never give away too much. You still want to draw them in and entice them, without giving away all of your valuable secrets.

Nowadays it's important to come across as helpful and produce informative and interesting content. But you can do this without being too open.

For example, if you're a business which produces nutritional snacks for pregnant women, you can use your social media to explain why you should eat well during pregnancy and what you should eat as well as helpful pregnancy information. This would entice your audience as they would easily see your expertise in the area, build trust and then be tempted to buy your products.

Same with service based businesses, I can tell you what makes a great blog and why you should write one, but I won't be putting templates onto my website or social media for free.

The lighter content

Everyone loves viewing light hearted, easy to digest content. Whether that's a video of a cute cat, or an interactive graphic or poll, like "Who likes marmite" A- I'm a lover B- I'm a hater. Something like this is perfect to just inject somewhere into your week's worth of content.

Sometimes you will be adding humour, sometimes a touch of emotion and others just a nice little post to put a smile on someone's face.

Batch-create content

The easiest way to create content is to sit and do it in one batch and schedule. Otherwise, you may forget to post throughout the week and may not have the time to do it each day. When you are feeling creative, sit down and brainstorm what you want to go out, do this using a social media calendar. Then you can sit down on a day where you have less on and batch write the content and by using scheduling tools on social media. You can even schedule your blogs to be published when you want and link these up to your social media so it gets automatically published there.

This means you can be busy doing what you're best at, or having meetings or calls with clients and the content will be churned out with minimal effort. Just keep an eye on interaction as it looks really great if you can get back to your audience!

I hope that this blog post has inspired you to get creating some content for your business. Once you get started, it's all about the 3P's- Planning, Preparation and Positivity. You can do this, and then you can sit back and watch your business thrive. If you need any advice on content creation, then please do feel free to get in touch or follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn for some more content guidance and inspiration.

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