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Content Creation and The Human Connection

My tagline- Content that Connects- it means more than just creating content that physically gets businesses in touch with their audience. It means really connecting with the audience through the written word. I want businesses to express themselves, their why, their purpose and be more authentic.

My business journey

When we think about journeys in life, it's not very often that we take into account that we also go on journeys in business. We learn to grow and adapt not only as a person, but as a business too. For those of you running your own business, can you relate to saying yes almost every time to work coming through the door in those early days? Regardless of your business and personal values, or what you were really passionate about.

It's only when we talk about niching down in business, do we start to consider being slightly pickier with where we want to get work from. We start to devise our brand values and really think about whether or not we want certain work, whilst actively trying to seek the ideal clients.

This is all only natural, it's a part of going on our own business journeys. I'm sure we all have some tales, both good and bad, to tell!

When I first started, I said yes to a lot. Over the past 18 months, I have managed to really reflect on what I really enjoy writing about and seeking out clients in those sectors.

Journeys and stories can be shared

When thinking about content that connects, I love to find out more about the journey of a business. It allows me to understand more about the business, the client and therefore leads to better, more meaningful content. Through exploring and sharing the journey and stories of clients, we are able to uncover more purpose than perhaps was first thought of. Together, we explore why they do what they do, we explore their journey and what it has all meant to them.

When a client shares their journey with me, I have a far better understanding of what type and style of content works best for them. If you are creating your own content, take some time to reflect on your journey. Jot it down.

The journey we all embark on leads us to the current destination, where we are now. What does this mean to you? Do you work by your values? Do you connect meaningfully with your audience? It's important to address their pain points, as well as being empathetic through your communications.

Combining your story and unique journey with your audience's needs

When it comes to content creation, you need to be meeting your audience's pain points. Think about what they want to see, focus on fixing their dilemmas and questions. But never forget about your journey as a business. It will keep you grounded.

Let's not lose that human connection in marketing, let's keep going to produce meaningful content that is the vision of our business and the journey we have made, mistakes and all! As well as ensuring that we are producing content that really connects with our audience, evokes emotion and expresses understanding and authenticity. Show your audience exactly why they should use you- show them that they can trust you and that your product or service will meet their needs.

This is why here at Hodson Writing Services, we produce content that connects. Because it is important now more than ever to connect on a more meaningful level. Don't be afraid to look back on your journey. Build that trust and authenticity in your brand. Create content that expresses and evokes emotion. Content that sparks interest, intrigue in your audience and answers their pain points.

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