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Content Creation: Why Consistency is Key

I often get asked questions about how often blogs, newsletters and social media should go out. The truth is, the answer varies for business to business. I shall go into the three areas below... but when it comes to content creation: consistency is key.

Newsletters- Content Creation

Newsletters vary from weekly, fortnightly to monthly. This all depends on what types of email campaigns you are sending out too. If you have a segmented list, where you are sending email marketing campaigns based on a marketing campaign- such as the sales of a service or product, then naturally these emails will be far more frequent.

As a small business, you may prefer to update your audience weekly with news and information. If this is what you choose, then just don't over do it. Short and sweet is key here.

A fortnightly one can include more information. Then your monthly newsletters are the ones packed full of content, news and information. You can really get creative with a newsletter and one of my favourite things to do is offer my clients ideas on what they can pop in there- including my favourite- a quote of the month! (business related- of course)

Consistency is still key with newsletters- imagine receiving one like clockwork every week, then not having one for 6 weeks. You'll end up not looking out for it in your inbox.

When it comes to figuring out how often you'd like to produce one- think ahead on how frequently you can produce a newsletter which is bursting full of valuable amazing content which will keep your audience opening your newsletter in the future months. You don't want to rush when it comes to creating great content.

Blog Posts- The Key to SEO

If you have a high traffic website, it may be worth your time creating more regular content, such as weekly blog posts. However, usually a fortnightly or monthly blog would be ideal for a small business.

For SEO reasons, updating your website with a monthly blog will help to boost your ranking. It also gives you a chance to really give your audience regular, valuable content. Read my blog post here, all on the benefits of having a blog post.

You can use a calendar to create a newsletter and blog schedule to help with time management and planning. This will also help you to choose your topics for the month for both.

A mistake some make is to think of a bundle of great topics, then rush and get them out within just a few, short weeks. Having done one a week for 6 or more weeks, suddenly you are out of ideas. If these ideas had been stretched to once a fortnight, they would have lasted 3 months. Or even better, one a month would have lasted for 6 months. Content creation should not be stressful, save yourself the headache and plan ahead- don't rush!

Social Media- Consistency is Essential

Again, there is no magic number when it comes to how often to post on social media. You may wish to change the frequency, depending on the platform you are posting to.

As I have said beforehand, consistency really is key. Imagine posting everyday to social media, then forgetting for two weeks. Your audience will worry about where you are, and as I have mentioned in this blog post: visibility is so important.

As we know, you need to be consistent. The best way to make sure this happens is by coming up with a social media schedule and plan!

It's always best to start off at a manageable consistency then build up.

Make a plan and a schedule then get comfortable. You can always build up the consistency for your business as the demand calls for it in the future. I hope that this blog post has helped you to figure out how often to send a newsletter, publish a blog post and post to your social media. Don't overwhelm yourself- make a plan, and be consistent.

If you would like to discuss content ideas, plans and schedules, get in touch today to find out more about my Content Clinic, where I show you exactly how to do all of the above.


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