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Content: What's The Point?

Running a business involves juggling a lot of plates, there's no doubt about it. From ensuring your admin is all up to date, finances in check, as well as ensuring you have actually delivered your products or services to your customers and clients. You may have heard of keeping up with your content creation too, and thought "What's the point?"

Well, there's actually a lot of reasons why you should keep up with your content creation. Here's a handy article explaining all...

1. Staying Visible

It's very unusual for a brand and business not to have an online presence these days. It's also rare for individuals not to be using some sort of social media platform, although the preferences as to which one may differ for each audience. Think about where your audience hangs out, then think about that opportunity you're missing out on by not creating awesome content for your audience to feast their eyes on.

The simple fact is, if you're not visible, your audience will not remember you.

Don't let that be the case.

Create some awesome, engaging content which will grab your audience's eyeballs and not only will you stay visible, but you will stay memorable too. If you are memorable, next time your audience wants the product or service that you're offering, they will remember to come to you. However, if your competitors are being visible and you're not, they may end up using them.

2. Showing Your Authenticity

It's important for brands to show their authenticity. Showcase your expertise, your knowledge, your why and your audience will soon realise why they should come to you. Whether this is through a helpful article or blog post, or through a 'Tops Tip Tuesday' Social Media post, be authentic, be brilliant.

3. Create an Interest in Your Brand

Content is a great way of generating interest in your brand. It is often a free way of getting your business out there. You can use blogs, newsletters or social media. Just focus on creating brilliant content which will help to educate, inform or entertain your audience. The more you put out there which does all of this, the more interest you will generate in your brand. Without content creation, you aren't creating or generating this interest. You are just hopeful that people will find you.

Think about what you see on social media; would you be so interested in any of those small businesses or services providers had you not seen great content from them?

Even big brands and businesses rely on content; advertisements are content!

4. Creating Content That Connects

Ok, this is my tagline, but I really mean it. Create content that will connect you to your audience. This gives them a chance to get to know your business, your brand and your values. Connecting with your audience is the difference between them passing by a website or social media profile, or building on that know-like-trust channel.

If you want to generate more leads and pull them down a sales funnel, you need to connect with them first. No content, or lack of quality content won't generate leads. This then won't generate sales.

Content that connects.

So, what's the point?

As outlined above, it really is important to create content, and not just any content, but content that connects. In this modern social media driven world, it is vital to stay visible, showcasing your brand. Generating quality content allows you to show your authenticity as well as creating an interest in your brand.

All of this then helps to generate leads and future success for your brilliant business. The point of juggling this plate, as you can see is to ensure the stability of all the others.

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