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How Blog Posts Compliment The Rest Of Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a small business, or a larger business, you will have made some sort of marketing strategy. Now it's hard to be a master of all trades, to tackle every social media platform or to explore all marketing ventures, both online and print. But, whatever avenues your marketing strategy is exploring, did you know that blog posts can compliment them? Blog posts can be part of a marketing strategy on their own, but they can also help to tie in other online marketing, such as newsletters and social media.

Social Media and Blogs

Isn't it exhausting at times having to come up with fresh content for social media all of the time? If you were to create a monthly blog post for your website, you could share this on your social media. This gives your social media audience some information rich content, whilst switching up the type of content you are publishing. The best thing is, as blog posts are evergreen, you don't have to just post your blog post to your social media once.

Depending on the type of blog post, you can repost or schedule the blog posts to be shared regularly (don't over share though!) When you have a decent amount of content on your website, you can switch it up with different ones that you publish on your social media. It could be that you share a blog post once or twice a week, covering different old blogs. If you have a seasonal post, this could be shared yearly at the time it is designed for (IE a Christmas post). This works best for Facebook and Twitter.

For Instagram, you can place a hyperlink in your bio if you haven't got a large following. This way, when visitors click on your profile, they can click through to your blog. You can also give it a mention in your Instagram stories. If you have a large following and the 'Swipe Up' option on your stories, you can share the link there.

LinkedIn and Blogs

LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform designed for businesses, small businesses, the self employed and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn love their users to use the feature 'Articles'. So, when you have written a blog post on your website, did you know if you wait one month, you can then copy and paste this content and create an article on LinkedIn?

Why do you have to wait a month? For SEO purposes, it is best not to confuse search engines, but to leave it a sufficient amount of time before duplicating content on the internet. By using articles on LinkedIn and reposting your blogs, you are opening them up to a different audience, one that is more business focused and ready to read all about your passion and business.

Newsletters and Blogs

When creating a newsletter for your audience and readers, you want to ensure that you have plenty of information. You want your audience to read all about your business, your latest news, the offers you have on and of course, anything else informative and entertaining. Your latest blog post would fit in with this perfectly.

Most newsletter softwares allow you to place links to webpages in. So, you could make an eye-catching box on your newsletter, with a teaser of your blog content and lead them to click though to read your blog.

Not only does this give you more content for your newsletter, but it draws your reader to your latest blog post. Or you could even post a relevant old blog (such as at Christmas time).

Website and Blogs

Adding a blog to your website adds so much value and authenticity for your brand. To find out further benefits of blog posts, check out my post here.

Marketing Strategy and Blogs

As you can see, when you have blog content on your website, you are offering your audience invaluable information and building up your brand's presence. The best way to tie blog posts in with your marketing strategy, is by planning your blog topics in advance. What else are you doing on your social media or print advertisements? Can you write a blog post that will fit together perfectly?

Brainstorms ways in which blogs can compliment your other topics on social media and newsletters. Perhaps you want to create a theme each month, for example February is a great month to focus on 'Love'. You can create social media, newsletters and blog posts with this theme at the core of your content. Then you can tie them all in together as mentioned above.

I hope this post has helped you to see the full potential of how blog posts can compliment your marketing strategy. If you would like to know more about blog posts, please do send me an email and I would be happy to help answer any questions.

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