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What Content Should Your Business Post- Covid 19 Focus

Currently we are living through strange and unprecedented times. The coronavirus outbreak has affected many different aspects of our lives. The heartbreaking situation is having catastrophic implications on lives and businesses. "Normal" as we know it has been put on hold, so what does this mean for your business?

Many businesses, sadly, are suffering during these times due to a variety of reasons. For some, it means having to shut the physical premises for a while. For others, it may not be financially viable to stay open, or indeed safe. For those that are continuing to trade, or those that are having a break in trading, it can be confusing as what to do. Do you keep posting on social media? Do you continue with blog posts? Does it seem in ill-taste to be marketing when times are so difficult for many? What content should your business post with Covid 19 as the focus?

What should you post on your social media?

I would be very aware that right now everyone is getting information overload from social media, news and TV. It is hard to escape Covid19 as it is everywhere on the mass media and social media. I would bare this in mind when you are coming up with your social media plan. Although you will have to touch base on the coronavirus by updating your followers on how it is affecting your business, I would be careful not to constantly mention it.

I would aim to tackle other current issues such as isolation, loneliness and financial concerns. Is there a way that your business can offer light relief? Or offer something helpful for your audience currently? We have seen many great examples of this with other businesses and social figures.

For example, Joe Wicks has become extremely popular to watch at 9am as he delivers the nations daily PE lesson. He first posted this on social media, and it was spread vastly. Through this he has received a lot of advertisement revenue, which he is further donating to the NHS.

Have a think about how your business can help others in this time. Then post about that on social media. Make sure it's not too sales-y, as this will just put people off. You could also tackle the issues above by creating light hearted, warm content. Try and connect your audience. Offer tips on isolation. Find a way to work your unique business and talents into the message.

Case Study: I have a client who was very unsure about continuing with their social media for the month. However, I created a social media plan for the month of April that includes issues above. On the whole, they are helpful posts for their audience which will come out almost daily, covering different topics. We have isolation check ups, tips and reminders on what is happening with the business (but without the sales speech!).

I would say to continue with social media, but be wary on what you are posting. Bring community spirit to your business and your page. Be the light that everyone needs to see in a very dark social media news feed.

What should you post on your website?

I would look into placing a pop up, or a permanent notice with how your business is operating during these times. As for regular blog posts, you can still be publishing a post once a month but you may need to reconsider what you were planning to write.

If you have a blog content plan for the following 12 months, check it to see if the information and content that you were going to be publishing is still relevant. If not, try to adapt it to meet the current situation. Blog posts are rarely sales-y as they should be posting more helpful content that is going to aid your audience and show your brand's authenticity.

Case study: With current clients, I want to make sure that they are happy to go ahead with blog posts. We have then discussed ways of adapting the posts, but also ensuring that the topic is not going to be poor taste in the current situation. Some clients, we are posting less regularly, whereas some are posting more frequently.

For example, one of my clients had planned to write 'Tips for New Mothers'. We are still going to go ahead with this blog post, but ensuring we cover tips that will be relevant to Mum's being home alone with their babies. By providing these tips, we are providing them relevant information which will help them especially when they may be struggling to access other services and information currently.

I would say that it is still a great idea to keep posting regular content on your website as it can provide helpful, encouraging, informative or even entertaining posts for your audience. Review what you intended to post and adjust it to ensure that it keeps the right tone for the current times.

Why your business still needs to stay known during these times.

Although you may feel wary about posting content at the moment and marketing, it is still wise to keep your brand visible. Your business need to stay known during these times, as you can then stay at the forefront of your audience's minds. Particularly, if you post helpful content that aids your audience through these difficult times, that will be remembered and end up creating a return for you at a later date.

"Normal" at the moment may be paused, but it will resume again one day. Nobody knows when, but I would suggest keeping your social media and website up to date. You can showcase your knowledge and skill, provide helpful tips and tricks, engage with your audience and provide light in these dark times. By doing all of that, you will be remembered by your audience as you stayed visible.

As we are all staying home, we have an excess of free time to be browsing social media and the internet, so there is ample time for reading content. So your audience may get a larger reach right now, than usual.

As long as you don't put anything in poor taste, or try to take advantage of anyone in these circumstances, there is nothing wrong with continuing to spread your brand's message. Adjust it to the match Covid 19, but provide your audience with relevant helpful content.

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