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Why Blog Posts Are Important For Your Business

Blog posts are a great tool for businesses. Most website builders come with the ability to add on blog posts as an additional element to your business site. Below I will explain why blog posts are important for your business.

1. Posting A Regular Blog Post On Your Website Helps To Boost It's SEO Rankings.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Businesses need to work on boosting their SEO as it is the way that businesses increase the quality and quantity of their website traffic. Increasing traffic to your website is important as this is where you will get leads for your business.

To be successful at SEO, you need to be thinking about what your client base or audience is searching for and creating regular content to fulfil their needs. You can then put the content your audience want into regular blog posts for them to read. By having a monthly blog, you are boosting SEO as you are driving new traffic to your website.

SEO is also boosted when websites are updated regularly. This could be making sure details are correct, or it could be as simple as publishing a new blog post on the website once a month.

2. It Adds Brand Authenticity. It allows your audience, clients and customers to see that you are passionate and knowledgable in your business. Clients and customers are more likely to buy from brands that they know and trust. By increasing your authenticity over your subject matter, you are able to gain trust.

Your brand will stand out from the rest with your online knowledge over your business subject. Pick out your unique selling point and write about it. If you are knowledgeable in a particular area of your business, you should be writing about that too. All of this adds value to your website and creates brand authenticity. You are the real deal.

3. You Can Showcase Your Latest Service Or Product. This allows your clients and customers to read in depth your latest products or services, which will lead to an increase in sales. If you have a particular product with a fascinating history, or a new product which ties in well with a fun blog- this is the perfect time to spread what you have to say about it.

Examples of this are; you could have the latest software for businesses to install so you can have a blog post about why the businesses need this software. You could then link this to the product or your contact page for them to find out more. When a new make up product is released, you could publish a blog post on a gift guide, or must need products for that time of year and include your product link.

4. Blog Posts Can Give You Material To Share On Social Media. Social media is a great platform to share your new and exciting blog on. This will give you material for now and the future. I often share old blog posts on my social media as it gives new people an opportunity to read them, if they hadn't seen them yet. Blog posts are evergreen too, they are a great way to gain a flow of traffic to your website.

You can schedule these posts to occur regularly. Keep a track on how often you want to publish the article, and you will soon see the views increase each time. It also creates exciting posts for social media- you could even get your social media audience engaged by asking what they thought of the article.

Blog posts help to boost the SEO for a website

5. You Show Your Audience, Clients And Customers That You Want To Be Helpful. By providing your client base and customers with a regular blog post with helpful topics, you are also providing them with entertainment, value and information. This will increase the relationship between you and your clients.

It also attracts new customers as they see helpful brands as friendly and are more likely to buy their services or products. A helpful business is a handy business to know.

6. Building Relationships. You build up a relationship and trust in your clients, customers and audience. By writing a blog post for them regularly, you are connecting with them and building up those all important trust levels. This will lead to a loyal customer or client base. Repeat custom and word of mouth are two benefits to your business from this.

Your audience will then look forward to your latest post. Building relationships is essential for a business' success.

If you want to know more about blog posts, how they work and how I can provide you with a monthly one for your website, please do send me an email. I have a passion for writing and in particular, I love to write blog posts. I can tailor these to fit your needs, your clients and the tone of voice that suits your business. Get in touch to find out more!

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